Radio Prozac was a short-lived pocast that aired in 2018 before being tragically cut short when the FEMACube psych ward guards took away Jan's internet priveleges. Developed by a team of Internet-certified Indian pharmacists, Radio Prozac is the world's first auditory antidepressant - and it's totally free!

No Pills, No Price, No Problem - just pull up a chair, kick up your feet and self-medicate with the comedy stylings of Jan, Joe, and their panel of mentally ill guests.

“You know, when I had to wake up at 7 AM today to record a podcast, and I’m sitting with my school MacBook on a mountain of trash outside my dorm looking at a bag of Flamin’ Hot Funyuns that someone probably threw away 3 weeks ago, and I’m really thinking: this is exactly what I wanted to do with my life, this is just what I thought I would be doing with my life when I was a child.”

-John Pelech, MDE Alumni

“Radio Prozac is very accessible to people from all walks of life, such as myself. Jan has personally done so much to give back to the community.”

-DeRay Mckesson, Activist

“I have to applaud Joe and Jan for their professionalism, business ethics, and customer service. Radio Prozac is a brave, bold, brash vision for the future.”

-Peter Oppenheimer, Goldman Sachs Board Member