As an autism survivor I am here to tell you how to weaponise your autism. I invented the phrase “weaponized autism” in late 2014 to describe the process of leveraging hyper-focused, obsessive narrow interests to achieve goals insurmountable to the average neurotypical normie. If I had patented the phrase I would stand to make thousands of dollars in hypothetical money from suing everyone who said it, but instead I plan to sell you products. These products will, in turn, teach YOU how to sell products (to autistic parents) thus creating a “perpetual motion machine of sales” - that means A LOT OF MONEY for you (but mostly for me) especially since misdiagnosis has lead to SKYROCKETING rates of autism. Maybe you are a parent of an autistic child, maybe you are an opportunist looking to get into a HUGE industry, maybe you are even an autist yourself. News Flash: No Matter Who You Are, YOU STAND to make BIG CASH NOW and all you have to do is Keep Reading...

So we know autism is a superpower, in the right hands, unfortunately most autists choose to use their hyper-focus on things like:

Maybe you’re an autistic person yourself? Maybe you were kicked out of a playground and NOT a sex offender? Just Follow These 19 Simple Steps… It’s 19 Step SIMPLE!!!


With so many women having kids over 30, the rates of autism have skyrocketed, and there’s plenty of struggling families trying to figure out how to make their kids boring and normal. In plain English: This creates what is called a “market incentive” for entrepreneurs like YOU to sell Alternative Lifestyle Resource Accumulation (ALRA) to these troubled families.

Have you ever dreamed of extracting wealth from soccer moms out of their hard-earned alimony? Have you wondered how to re-direct government welfare (MONEY STOLEN FROM YOU) back to your pocket through SSI distribution and government contracts? Now’s your chance.

Simply claim that you’ve found the “A NEW SUCCESSFUL THERAPY” to “treat” autism. It’s important you use “treat’ rather than “cure”, just so the FDA doesn’t cut in on that sweet cash flow. Let’s be real, what’s a few hundred dollars to a parent? That same money would of been spent on fast-food, gimmicky toys and/or twitch subscriptions for their useless kid. When their child’s sex life is at stake, $500 is a bargain. Ask them: Do you want your kid to be living in the garage at 30 pushing carts at a supermarket? Or do you want grandkids? Keep reading...

The reality is, most autists end up not thriving and collecting a lot of sweet government dough in the form of SSDI/SSI (government checks taken from your tax money, anyway) This creates a huge untapped pool of cash that you will soon be swimming in if you pick up these simple, 5-step strategies outlined in my EBook.

First, you need to understand the psychology of the parents in order to sell your “therapy” to them.

Most of these parents are basically living in denial. They want to believe pretty lies about their kid. They want to believe he is just one magic pill away from being a functioning member of society. Let’s be real: getting little timmy an iPad for communication is not going to make him the next Robert Deniro. These are just the pathetic skidmarks from the delusional parents from the assumption that their little timmy could actually crawl to the moon. Rather than bullshit like ABA (Autism Behavioural Therapy) or speech therapy, they, might as well seek alternative methods. Think about the low rate of success for these therapies as more parents are realizing that they’re cherry picked scams. How many successful autistic people in life have been guided by middle-aged/elderly women who inhabit the therapy field? Give the parents a better choice. If timmy can’t talk; show them the alternative. They will do anything to escape the conclusion that their kid might just have a low ceiling on their life, or that at the very least their upbringing will be a lot more challenging. They feel entitled to a happy home life like on TV where their kid grows up “normal” and gives them lots of warm fuzzy feelings. At their core, they expect their child to be a source of comfort for them - not the other way around. Disabled people are meant to live happy lives after a few mean comments and a strong beautiful middle-aged white women helps them succeed because of their own free will and determination (plus a good hollywood soundtrack). Basically, they are easily pliable parents, and they’re very outspoken with bluster and defense mechanisms, screeching “you don’t know how hard it is” at the first hint of real talk.

These are the parents who people milk for government contracts, bilk by selling meaningless success porn about how some dude who licks door handles is a misunderstood genius. Or the type to write feel good pieces in a highly syndicated newspaper about their “adult” children “bending” the expectation curve of saying more than 30 words because they watched a VHS tape for literally 1000+ times and can repeat 3 words from it.

Deep down most of them know these “therapies” are extraneous; what they are really paying you for is the service of dream-selling like any other field. Like Nike sells their “Air Jordan” line by insisting that buying this sneaker imbues basketball talent. We’re selling them a dream that their crotch fruit is really an expensive Japanese watermelon, and not the fact that most of their crotch fruit wouldn’t even be sold in a farmers market. So don’t have any moral reservations about this… if these parents really wanted their kid to succeed, they’d put the kid through years of speech therapy, social skills training, in-home support programs, alternative education, etc… Think about it… Normal people know they have to put DECADES in to Basketball and be genetically gifted at the right-place, right- time to make it in any professional league. These parents are the type to expect a balding middle-aged obese man that looks like the michelin man to do this in less than a MONTH. But that’s hard. People want a more convenient way. They are willing to pay a lot of money for it. That’s where you come in. Feel me?

Here are some of the patented business therapies we sell:

  1. Cherry pick a study that works for one individual and register it as the “X”(your choice of name, but get it trademarked) therapy. Immediately go to the Autism speaks circuit and get an attractive middle-aged white woman who either has an autistic child or works with autistic children to support it. You might have to cut her in a few bucks, but it’s worth it. Autism mom’s don’t take things at factually value; they work on consensus and “gut feelings”. Use that to your benefit.

  2. Any rehab for children “poisoned by vaccines” is an awesome business venture. Imagine the type of resources a person will give to be healthy! Diet’s that are centered on a certain food group or excluding one can “reverse” the damage. As long as you don’t include “cure, treat or manage” in your tagline -- it’s 100% legal. My trademarked gluten-free, egg-free,vegan, chocolate “therapy” bars are selling out at Autism Walks all over the country. Here’s a true secret: It’s just coconut+coco+sugar emulsified into a chocolate bar. Here’s another secret: How do you think I could afford the condo in Manhattan? You think selling energy drinks out of my truck in 2012 for a company could get me that? Nah, I’ll let you guess(HINT: read the previous paragraphs. I’m not a tease like my ex-girlfriend.)

  3. Due to low-barrier of entrance of legality for service-animals, you can market ANY animal as a service-animal, and best part about it is that any disabled person can get one. Better part is that due to the ADA, disabled people can’t even be QUESTIONED about owning a service-animal as the regulations for one are quite-low(non-existent). So, start selling dogs,cats,snakes or any other animal pursuant to local laws in your area. Just remember to not sell species that are prohibited by local laws. I got in trouble for selling my buddies spunky battle-trained pitbull to a wealthy mom who wanted protection for her little hijo in Miami. The service part was okay, but they actually banned pitbulls in Miami.

If you read all of that, and you’re NOT ready to put down seventeen payments of $39.99 for my EBook that blow the doors off the Autism Game, YOU might be the one who needs the mental disability status, not your clients. In This Industry Insider EBOOK you will learn all the “Inside Baseball” about how to sell your alternative medicine autism cures, behavioral therapies, and “dietary supplements” you will ever need to get rich off the crushed dreams of soccer dads everywhere. To inquire and set up a payment plan to purchase the ebook please email

If you are AT ANY TIME unhappy for your product I will refund it in FULL in your choice of currency of equivalent value: Zimbabwean Dollars, RuneScape Gold, Circuit City Store Credit, or Club Penguin Cash. But don’t worry about that - instead, close your eyes and imagine what the autism market can buy you. Imagine yourself poolside at a 5-star resort in the Florida Keys in your rented James Bond suit, ordering expensive wine for a 9.5 French swimsuit model. “Keep the change, kid” you say to the bartender as the gorgeous babe searches you up and down, trying to guess - are you a CEO? Doctor? Son of a millionaire? You put your finger to her lips to silencer her question, grinning, and whisper in her ear: “Nice to meet you. I sell EBooks.“

Sound too good to be true? Sign up and find out the hard way, give me your money right now, before you finish reading this sentence, before you think better of it, just get out your credit card - your oversexed rich future self will thank you. Leverage Your Passion, Kickstart Your Dream, and Jump Into a Bold New World of Opportunities, Today.

Do you like raking in sweet cash? Need some greenbacks? Green Grease? Dineros? Fat stacks? End your paper chase today. End it all. I know what you’re thinking “How do I pay the bills? How do I escape the RAT RACE?” Let me lay out a PLAN for PROVEN SUCCESS:

Step 1: Buy My Ebook for Seventeen payments of $39.99 Step 2: Lay out the proven strategies to create your own EBook. Step 3: Sell the Ebook. Make sure to use gaudy formatting and make up your own acronyms for everything. That’s a free tip, on the house. THAT’S Value. Step 4: Get Paid Big. Step 5: Quit your job. Step 6: Buy a gun and shoot your boss.

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Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

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