Jan Rankowski is a 23 year old aspiring crisis actor specializing in longform performance art and character study. Jan strives for detail and authenticity when bringing to life his cast of goofy characters, and has learned the hard way (several times) that there is such a thing as being “too good at acting” - as some news articles you may find will attest. Often, the best possible satire is to portray something exactly as it really is, because some people are just so absurd it’s impossible to conceive of an exaggerated parody version. The kind of people Jan’s acting mocks usually do not realize they have spent their whole life moulding themselves into comedy gold. This is what inspires Jan’s work: his best jokes are just copying, rote, the behaviors and speech patterns he observes in hilariously dysfunctional people.

Spending thousands of hours making inappropriate jokes that most people find distasteful and offensive is a good career move that will have no negative social consequences in 2017. Please take everything I say at face value and bar me from employment.

Click on a Jan Persona to get immersive video experince below:

Jace Connors was a sketch comedy character I created in high school as a composite of every annoying person I met in my teenage years rolled into one absurd over the top caricature. Jace, or “ParkourDude91”, was a manchild dudebro pot-smoking gamer with a hilariously overinflated sense of self worth who fancied himself a “future U.S. Marine”. I began posting short articles under this persona in 2013 as a release valve to blow off steam from dealing with brain damaged teens. Eventually, people began to think it was a real person posting all of this and not a comedian, and their reactions were hilarious. People would make 20 minute YouTube videos ranting about how much they hated Jace and listing all the flaws in his behavior. I would wake up to an inbox of 100+ scathing messages making fun of the character. To some people, this would be terrifying, but to me, this was hilarious: the jokes people made at the expense of the Jace character were the exact same kind of jokes I would make at the expense of the real people I knew who Jace was based on. I was so entertained that I decided I would rolled with it and see how long I could get away with running the joke before it got found out, even going to the point of disguising my appearance to represent Jace on video and live broadcasts. I spent maybe 2-5 hours a week doing this, laughing hysterically the entire time, and getting my friends in on the joke. The whole time, I made a game out of it, seeing how absurd I could act while still getting people to believe it was all real. Me and my friends would mess with the audience and play out elaborate sketch comedy scenarios without ever breaking character. The whole time I expected it to end within the next week, but somehow this lasted for three years. By the time it ended, I had got on national television, been interviewed by Buzzfeed, and garnered a cult following of a few thousand people who stalked this fictional character to the point that they created a web forum named after him and a Web encyclopedia documenting all his quirks. After Jace was revealed to be a sketch character, the jig was up: it was no longer fun for me to make, so I had stopped creating content for the channel.

Wade Moonsong, Blade Artist: In the harsh winter of 2011 I went on a road trip to Rhode Island where I infiltrated an anime convention posing as the typical slovenly anime fan, in order to do a fake-out seminar disguised as a real seminar about “Samurai Swordplay” where the host said increasingly offensive things to a captive audience until finally getting escorted out by security. My job was to give a fake martial arts demonstration in which I ripped my pants doing a side kick and swung around a wooden sword making my own sound effects with my mouth like I was 11 years old in order to make the audience think the seminar was a real thing and not a parody. I think I did a pretty convincing job acting like a total goofball laughingstock, but you can judge for yourself.

Cybervegan DataLord Slade Fiero: In September 2011 I went to the Big Apple, the New York, the Big City, to film a skit called “MIND = BLOWN”; the idea was to satirize far-out philosophical statements made by pseudo-intellectual philosophy majors, and people who say things like “really makes you think” when talking about Martin Scorsese movies. We were planning on filming in front of the Apple store and eventually getting kicked out, but thanks to a noble fan we instead ended up getting into NYU in an auditorium packed full of alt. comedy fans in their late 20’s. I did my act as “Cybervegan Datajack Slade Fiero”, a neo-hacker cyberpunk who hangs out at the hacker bar and dominates the hacker game with his cool skills.

Safety Kid: When Jan was about 12 he got bored with the usual Halloween shtick of dressing up like a spooky ghost and decided to instead dress up as an obsessive-compulsive OSHA workplace safety inspector and go and give fake OSHA citations to his neighbors about their unsafe halloween conditions. Without ever breaking character, Jan would travel around his neighborhood covered entirely in bubble wrap (for safety, OSHA guaranteed) and a tard helmet, handing out flyers educating the locals about the dangers of candy wrappers. At age 13 Jan (under the Safety Kid persona) ran for office for the Town of Falmouth Council against William Armitage, launching a political smear campaign against Armitage by distributing flyers warning the locals about his dangerous and unsafe policies. Jan was not chosen for the Town Council.

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