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Wiz Dum Gun is a CHAT SITE for LOCAL TEENS Your New Home on the WEB

WIZ DUM GUN is a psychotic alt.comedy/art cabal of high-brow lowlives run by washed up crisis actor Jan Rankowski. Learn about us! On this webzone you will learn many great things about life, liberty, and being cool, including: how your phone is trying to kill you, how to weaponize your autism, how to act normal and nonthreatening in public, and how to cure your depression by listening to podcasts.

DANGER: Take everything you read on this webpage literally. You are currently reading an illegal webdunk on the most heavily monitored communication medium in the history of mankind.

Click Here to Sue Jan Rankowski

WIZ DUM GUN is currently On Haitus to allow Jan to get a real job and become a real boy. In the meantime Jan has been working for Sam Hyde's comedy troupe to pay his way through college. To see Jan's more recent work, please go to Sam Hyde's subscription video service and pay $5 a month, so you can watch great Rankowski/Hyde sketches like "Jan Lies" (free preview, click here)

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